Unfinished Project 1 – A Proposal On How To Fix National Apathy

A rising problem in today’s Filipino society is the apparent apathy of the masses towards the issues concerning our nation and its governance. Although there have been plenty of attempts at rejuvenating the interest of the masses, especially the youth, these programs have often been met with sub-par results. Let’s face it: government action such as the NSTP act is too ineffective and too slow-acting to give a substantial solution to the rising public apathy. Our rate of educating the youth is simply outpaced by the rate in which we produce the youth. What we need is a method to increase awareness that is more widespread, more effective, faster acting, and easier to implement than our quality education.

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Setting Up For Failure

Three years back, I started this blog. Three years back, I made it three posts deep before fizzling out. I knew all along I wouldn’t be able to keep up with this blog, but I made some posts anyway as a time-capsule of sorts, just to see where I was back then when I revisit this site.

Which is weird because I hate reading the stuff I write.

So, just as any self-conscious creator would do, those creations were nuked without deliberation. I didn’t even read the posts I deleted.┬áThinking about it, my aversion to read my previous works probably stems from a fear of failure. So much for a time capsule if it’s just gonna end up thrown away without being looked at.┬áChances are, this post, too, will be destroyed without much thought in the future.

Yet here I am, making another post, continuing this cycle of creation and destruction. I can only hope that one day, I will be able to break this cycle, and that I will not be afraid to face my failures. And if that happens, I’ll know for sure that I’ve made progress.

After all, you have to start out creating failures before you get to the masterpieces.*

*This may or may not apply to having children. I’ll get back to you on that.