La Petite Astrum

You fill me with wonder
You glimmer like the night sky on a cloudless night
You leave me awestruck
You are majestic, like the rings of Saturn

Like the winds of Venus, you burn with passion
I only wish to be consumed by it, to learn from it
Like the sun, your warmth radiates
I only wish to be a part of that warmth

The clouds of Aquila, you leave me drunk
Craving for another hit even before we’ve left each others’ midst
The black holes, I’m drawn to you like none other
Hoping to stay with you at event horizon, no qualms with forever

La petite astrum: small, yet warm, cozy
Grand in your radiance, with an alluring pull
You can be cold, like the dark in-betweens of space
Yet still so beautiful, like the nebulae from which great things are born

Endless, like the universe
I hope to tell you that my love is so
But perhaps I’m another of those dreamers
Those lunatics in love with the moon?


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