Prayers To an Obscure God

“My prayers go out to you.”
These words come out my mouth
Droplets forming one by one, reluctantly taking shape
What more can I possibly do?

I long for you, pine for you.
To say I care deeply for you is an understatement
Your happiness is my greatest treasure
To see you crestfallen, my greatest tragedy

What more can I possibly do?
I am just a boy casting his being into the void
Baring everything
At the mercy of the world

If I could move mountains, I would
For you, doubly so
But I’m just a boy, I possibly can’t
I can’t do anything, but pray

No, hope.
For I am without a god.
I am a boy, cold and alone
No divine light to give him warmth

It’s not like it was involuntary
I chose to live for myself
But I believe, like all the faithful
A godless boy can still pray

Pray, hope, wish, they’re all just the same
Perhaps god really walks among us
Through the will of humankind
Through the love we share, through the love I have for you

I wish you nothing less but happiness, and all its synonyms
I pray to the divine, the supreme, whoever, wherever
I pray to the stars above, to Gemini, to Crux
I pray to the air, the sea, the laws of physics

I may not be of faith but I can still pray
I can still wish, I can still believe
I can still lie to myself
That everything will be okay


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