Gods and Monsters

She spent
Her time staring
At her screen throughout the night, alone in her catacombs
A twilight galaxy out unnoticed

Tattered and tired, she braces for one last dive
A commuter on a neon ride, ultraviolet in her eyes, a silver lining on her mind
To rid of this curse

Her mind is a chatterbox
But she’s stone cold outside
A firefight with Cerberus; urban rubble all around, an inferno in its wake
She carries on, hunting blind
Through sandstorms and winter forests, she survives

The flux brought by Chronos
This executioner failed its task
Through its murky depths she rises
Like Demeter’s spring unmasked

Okay, so this was a prompt inspired by a poem my friend did a while back. He wrote a poem with imagery that consisted of the callouts in de_nuke from the game Counter Strike. I thought it would have been a fun writing exercise if I made a poem format inspired by CS.

So I used the names of different weapon skins throughout the poem, and each stanza is a different weapon. The weapon progression mirrors the economic progression in a game of CSGO. For those who don’t play, it’s basically pistol, then SMG, then rifles. Each stanza also only has the same number of words as the amount of bullets in the weapon used (in the game). For this poem, I did:

  • Glock 18: 20 bullets
  • Mac-10: 30 bullets
  • Galil AR: 35 bullets
  • GS3G1: 20 bullets

Aside from that, I also tried to make the cadence, or at the very least the line spacing, mirror how a player typically shoots the weapon (short bursts, long burst, or single shot). It doesn’t really show much save for the pistol, I think.

Honestly, video games have a lot of potential when it comes to inspiration in literature. People experience a vast array of emotions when playing, often mirroring events, and emotions in their own day to day lives. In multiplayer games, there’s a certain rhythm you can eke out. And of course, there’s inspiration for imagery, since video games are very visual in nature.

I honestly thought making this poem wouldn’t take long. It was meant to be a short exercise before going to bed, but I ended up losing a lot of sleep.

Here’s all the skins mentioned:
S1 – Glock 18 | night, catacombs, twilight galaxy
S2 – Mac-10 | Tatter, last dive, commuter, neon ride(r), ultraviolet, silver, curse
S3 – Galil | Chatterbox, Stone Cold, Firefight, Cerberus, urban rubble, shatter, sandstorm, winter forest
S4 – GS3G1 | flux, chronos, (the) executioner, murky, demeter


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