Me in a shellnut

I’m just one of those teenagers who decided it would be a good idea to have a blog.

I’m not exactly quiet, although I’m still trying to find my voice. Y’know, soul-searching and all that. I have no idea what’s out there in the future, and I have no idea what course of action to take in order to shape it.

I like many things, such as old music, video games, condensed milk, food, sleep, and other essential bodily functions.

I believe in a lot of things, such as density and destiny. The two not exactly coming hand-in-hand.

If ever future me will visit this blog, he will probably facepalm so hard, he will give me a concussion. You’re wrong, past me. Future you (+3 years) cringed. He cringed at that sentence right there. And when future, future me decides to check out this blog again for old times’ sake, he’ll cringe at this too.


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